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You walk through any grocery store and there is a good chance that there is over an isle full of row after row and shelf after shelf of hair care, body wash, perfumes, and more.  How many of them are organic?  How many of the can say that they are completely cruelty free?  Did you know that products can claim that they are cruelty free – as long as they don’t test the finished product on animals but can still test the individual ingredients on animals.  We were shocked to find this out.  You can rest assured that we have worked and are continuing to work hard to find you the best products that work, are good to the environment and their employees, and that are cruelty free.

Product Reviews

Yarok Hair Care

The Original Sprout

Jane, Inc.

COOLA Suncare

PRTTY Peaushun


Paper Doll Minerals


Brittanie’s Thyme

Coming soon

We are currently researching more products to review

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