Off the Mat Reviews

Off the Mat Reviews

Black Dog Asana Approved

Products that keep you living your yoga well off the mat

When you begin to practice yoga, it might start out as time you set aside to visit a studio or time on your mat at home.  With continued practice and learning yoga becomes a lifestyle, something you life off of your mat as well as on it.  Your actions, emotions, the choices you make all are influenced by yoga.  Black Dog Asana is working to bring you reviews for products that help you live your yoga all of the time. From shoes and socks, to makeup and wellness products we are bringing you amazing products that are all natural and sustainable.  These products will either allow you to continue to live your yoga values, and live a natural or holistic lifestyle.  Live your life free of harsh chemicals, rough dyes and synthetic materials.  Get ready for these awesome new options to rock your world. Live your yoga off the mat.


Juil Shoes

Injiji Yoga Socks

Lock Laces

Barre Socks

Unstitched Utilities


Yarok Hair Care

The Original Sprout

Jane, Inc

COOLA Suncare Sun Tan Lotion

PRTTY Peaushun


Toda Oils

Paper Doll Minerals Makeup


Brittanie’s Thyme

BOOK Reviews

Teaching People not Poses

The Complete Yoga Book

Balance Your Hormones Balance Your Life

Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mindy Body Makeover

Zen Under Fire

 Other great products

Jendala Art

Libre Tea

Zing Anything

SunnySide Up Solar

Nature Bag

Navitas Naturals

Aurorae Yoga Candles

From War to Peace Jewelry


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