Yogi Clothing

Breathable, Comfortable, Durable

Yogi Clothing

Black Dog Asana Approved

When you pack your suitcase for a week long yoga teacher training you need to bring your good yoga clothes, I’m talking about your Yogi Clothing.  Yogi Clothing is breathable, comfortable, durable, and fashionable yoga clothing.  I brought my black and pink shorts and matching black sports bra with me to Mexico and wore them everywhere – from the hot room (well hot hut), to the walks on the beach in the morning, to sight seeing at both the tremendously hot and sunny Mayan Ruins and cool cenotes.  I even jumped into the ocean wearing them.

These clothes took some abuse, I mean love, during my yoga teacher training and the still fit and feel like they did the day that they shipped to my front door.  Not only were they super comfortable but they’re easy to clean – which is good when you run out of clothes and end up doing laundry in your shower.  Oh and they dry quickly too.  I absolutely love yogi clothing.  And I can’t wait to get myself some more.  But I have a feeling that the Yogi Clothing that I do have is going to last me for some time!

Whether you’re practicing at home, in a studio’s hot room or rigorously on a yoga retreat or teacher training, yogi clothing is a great fit.  The clothes run true to size.  They’re comfortable and you don’t have to keep tugging on them or fixing them during practice.  They look great.  All of the girls on my teacher training trip were asking me where I got them and how they couldn’t wait to check them out and order some when they got back!  I had no problem wearing my Yogi Clothing all day long, even in between practices as the clothes are incredibly breathable.  They don’t hold moisture or odor which is a good thing when you’re sweating buckets practicing hot power yoga in Mexico.  All in all I’m in love with Yogi Clothing.

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