Synergy Organic Yoga Clothing

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Synergy Organic Yoga Clothing

Black Dog Asana ApprovedHow many of the clothes in your closet can you tell where the material came from? Can you say for certainty that the clothes hanging in the closet or folded in your drawers are dyed with low impact dyes?  How many pieces are handmade?  And if it is handmade, can you say that the workers are treated with dignity and respect? Chances are, many of these questions go unanswered. There are a lot of unknown factors when we shop for clothes today.   You probably want to know the answers to the questions that we just asked above. As a member of the yoga community, we ask a lot more of our clothing.  As a community we want clothing that is created with our ideals and values in mind, rather than what corners could be cut to turn a greater profit.  In short we want clothing that benefits the greater good. Its hard to find certifiably organic yoga clothing that is certifiably organic, that you know is handmade by people who are treated fairly, yet is affordable.

Even yoga clothing can be made from synthetic fibers, in large factories to make is cheaper and faster to produce.  When you wear these pieces you can feel it, and consequently it affects your yoga practice.  With Synergy Organic Yoga clothing you are getting yoga clothing so comfortable, moveable and breathable that you will want to wear it everywhere you go (making #nostretchypants even harder!) The fashionable lines, the asymmetry, the natural yet vibrant colors, all make these yoga, along with their dresses, skirts and jackets make their entire line must haves.  We will be coming back to Synergy again and again and again.  Their clothing is so classic, not even your ever-changing taste will want to part with one of these pieces.  Good news – you won’t have to.  Sturdy yet flexible and stretchable fabrics make sure that these pieces last, and hold their shape.  As far as we are concerned – there really is not enough that we can say about this company, their clothing and their over all philosophy.

With Synergy Clothing, you can answer every question.  Synergy clothing, founded by Kate Fisher after her adventures in Nepal, is made from certifiably organic cotton from India, and sewn together by hand by equally employed craftsmen in Nepal.  Any dyes used are low impact.  They’re goal of making great looking clothing while being gentle on the earth is accomplished everyday.  The designs used in all of their clothing are inspired from the best of adventures all over the world ensuring that you are buying unique and creatively charged clothing.  They’re serving up an extremely tall order everyday and for this Black Dog Asana absolutely loves and stands behind Synergy Clothing 100%. When you make your next clothing purchase, choose Synergy Yoga Clothing – you’ll get a lot more than just a piece of clothing.  When you choose Synergy, you will be getting organic cotton, with low impact dyes, made by skilled and careful hands that are earning a fair days wages, all while being comfortable, allowing movement and your body to breath.  Their designs are so much fun and light and comfortable we know you’ll love them.  Check out Synergy Clothing right now!  Oh and get ready to fall in love.

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Synergy Yoga Clothing


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