SpaceCat Yoga Wear

Yoga Clothing that Is Out of This World

SpaceCat Yoga Wear

Black Dog Asana Approved Like our other types of clothing we can sometimes fall into a rut, of safe place with our yoga clothing and we end up buying a lot of the same types of clothing – a good bit of it black.  Well this company is working hard to spice up your wardrobe and add some spunk to your cat, cow, camel, down dog, dolphin – any pose in yoga is great for Spacecat Yoga Wear.  No longer will you be adjusting your clothing in between every pose.  SpaceCat Yoga Wear is amazing yoga clothing that is as comfortable as it is colorful and fun.  New lines and patterns set this company a part.  No more ruts – they offer unique styles of tops, bottoms, bras you name it.  And the best part is that all of it is superbly made and is extremely comfortable.  I’ve slept in their clothes, I’ve babysat in their clothes, practiced in their clothes, taught in their clothes – pretty much anything you can do in these clothes is just that much better.

Not only do these clothes feel comfortable, but you can really relax wearing them knowing that they are made from natural as well as recycled materials.  Even better – they are made here in the United States!  We get really excited when we find such an awesome company going above and beyond to deliver substantial or durable, comfortable and well designed products that also look out for the earth.  The team at SpaceCat Yoga Wear are really pushing the envelope in many different ways – from their unique designs to the cotton and bamboo as well as other fibers they use in their clothing.  Comfort is a high priority but these guys will not sacrifice their other ideals just to give you a comfy piece of clothing.  A lot more goes into each piece of clothing like ingenuity, great design, dedication, quality, and more.

There are a lot of great yoga clothing brands to choose from today – and we are stoked about it.  SpaceCat is making waves within the yoga community – good vibrations.  Their patterns are exciting, their fabric is soft and moves with your body.  Their designs are unique and work with your body allowing you to practice freely and deeply.  If you can’t tell – we love their clothing and are really big fans of their work.  Their clothing is so versatile that you can wear it running, walking, lounging in the sun, rollerblading, hula hooping, playing volleyball – almost anything that you can think of outside this Summer!  You can bet you’ll catch us wearing ours all Spring and Summer long – doing a lot more than yoga.  Get some of their clothing for yourself and see what we are talking about.  You will be just as blown away as we were.  Rest assured that when your SpaceCat Yoga Wear it will not come wrapped up in tissue or lots of extra plastic.  Nope, being a green company means that they pack their clothing in just enough to ensure that it gets to you in the same condition it left their stores in.

Space Cat Yoga Wear


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