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Soul Flower

Black Dog Asana ApprovedNot every company out there has soul.  At Soul-Flower, their soul abounds.  This is one awesome company making some pretty awesome clothing – whether you are looking to practice yoga or not.  Their organic and innovative clothing will keep your closet, and look fresh and full of energy. We love chatting with the folks at soul flower because you can just feel their passion for what they do, they love their work and it further instills love for their work in you – the consumer.  This is a company that might just care more about what you are wearing than you do.  Focused on doing things the right way, this company makes clothing that is Earth conscious and fashion friendly.  Check out their site to really get a feel for what we are talking about here.  Every time we stop by their site they have something new and we are falling in love with them and their pieces all over again.  We love their awesome Yoga and Casual duds so much we sleep in the, we practice in them, we relax and lounge in them…yea wear these clothes just about everywhere.

Soul-Flower was created in 1999 as a company to provide innovative bohemian clothing options that promote both a peaceful and eco-friendly lifestyle – man did they succeed.  They have grown from a little retail shop to an online retail provider with great looks that sell out quickly and reappear almost as quickly.  Thanks to the internet we are seeing Soul-Flower clothing almost everywhere.  Their soft and comfortable eco conscious cottons and fabrics are just amazing.  The designs that they are weaving them into are equally as awesome.  You will not find clothing like they offer in your mall or anywhere else for that matter.   The crazy awesome people here are not satisfied with making awesome clothing.  These guys give back every single year – picking local and national charities to benefit from their success.  By supporting these guys you are not just buying great clothing, that holds up, wears well and looks awesome, but you are also helping a number of different charities.

We have a few different pieces from Soul-Flower and love every single one of them.  They are great for on and off the mat, shopping, strolling along the street, playing at the park – whatever the situation calls for it really.  You get one piece of their organic cotton – and that will be all you want to wear.  That is a promise.  And that’s OK – because this cotton holds up really well, and can take the repeated use and washing.  Priced affordably, this is really a win/win situation.  Check them out today – and you will be glad that you did.

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