Mika Yoga Wear

Fun, Funky, and Functional

Mika Yoga Wear

Black Dog Asana ApprovedFun, Funky and Functional – this is what we look for in new yoga clothing here at Black Dog Asana…well that…and a whole laundry list of other criteria.  You won’t catch us in just any yoga threads.  It is tough to measure up to our standards, but there are amazing yoga companies making products that that do.  We’re not being snobby, we’re just making sure that yogis are getting the most out of every ethically made product that they buy!  We are very excited to tell you about an exciting company that is constantly coming up with new styles that make you look as good as you feel both on and off the yoga mat. These clothes are so awesome that we keep finding reasons to ignore the whole #nostretchypants challenge and wear these guys all of the time.  Why you ask?  Because we can!  Mika Yoga Wear is fun and functional yoga clothing that easily holds up, no matter what we might put it through.

Mika Yoga Wear is designed to withstand the rigors of your 90 degree hot rooms and Bikram yoga practices so it is tough yet flexible…just like us yogis.  The clothing breathes incredibly well and moves with your body so you won’t have to worry about constantly adjusting or rearranging it.  Along with their ability to stand up to any abuse you might put them through, these clothes look awesome.  Mika Yoga Wear is using lines and color in creative and innovative ways that set them apart. Each piece is unique and different, consciously designed and tested to be exactly what a yogi wants. These guys are pulling out all the stops and creating clothing as colorful and diverse as you are.  So grab a piece and strike a pose – in Mika Yoga Wear you will be as strikingly different on the outside as you are on the inside.

Every body is different.  We are all different shapes and all kinds of sizes.  My size 6 is not the same as your size 6 because we are all unique.  Mika gets that.  They take our uniqueness into account with every piece of clothing that they design.  Their sizing is intuitive and they have partnered with brand enthusiasts of all different body types in order to help us find the perfect fit for us.  They use a unique blend of materials to create their fabric in order to make sure that it fits and moves perfectly.  Check out their website to find out more information about the materials that they use and to see all of the different styles, and colors that Mika Yoga Wear has available.

Mika Yoga Wear Pants     Forward Fold Mika Yoga Wear

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