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Everyday we wake up and go through our routine – eventually getting dressed.  Girls everyday part of this involves selecting the bra for the day, which can vary depending on your outfit, and mood (I.E. your tolerance for discomfort for the day).  I am always keeping an eye out for a comfortable, dependable bra that looks good – well I mean that stays hidden like a good bra should.  I have had to start dressing up for work everyday and my tolerance for uncomfortable clothing is waning quickly, so quickly that I have begun choosing my clothing around my bras rather than the other way around.  Leonisa, a women’s clothing company contacted me and asked me to review their everyday bra- its like they were reading my mind.  I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical – I have never sent a product back yet, but this was bordering on dangerous territory considering my opinion on the garments of late.

As is true in most cases, I was worried for nothing.  The Leonisa everyday bra fit, and fit comfortably.  This bra is built like a sports bra, but designed to fit a number of different situations (no pun intended).  With no underwire or cups, plus wider but thinner straps and a breathable material mean that you can wear these bras all day – transitioning from work to play.  You can even wear these bras to yoga.  Leonisa has made a bra that gives you the support you need, where you need it, for as long as you need it.  Get rid of those uncomfortable underwires (that are even believed to cause health problems) and get the bra whose straps will not slip off or dig into your shoulders, and stop worrying that your bra might make a surprise appearance during your next meeting.

With a comfortable and supportive bra (or other undergarments) from Leonisa you can stop worrying about your clothes, the way they fit or whether they’ll stay in lace and start focusing on what is really important.  Do not choose your clothes around your bra.  Rather make the switch and try on the everyday bra.  Soon you will find yourself going back for more.  Your body will appreciate the investment – and with no wires to bend or burst through in the wash your wallet will be thanking you.  Give Leonisa a shot today.  Choose from a number of different styles and types of clothing.  Leonisa offers everything from from the everyday bras to shape-wear  and a number of different items in between.

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