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InnerFire Yoga Scarves

Vancouver based yoga clothing and accessory manufacturer InnerFire has recently caught our eye.  Take a peak at their stuff and you will quickly find out why.  Black Dog Asana is always looking for fun new companies and designs – why buy the same over priced, mass-produced crap that so many choose because tho do not know any better?  (We’re working one review at a time to change that)  Boutique yoga clothing shop InnerFire is bringing urban yogis and yoginis everywhere fresh and inspired designs that will turn heads, and frowns around!  You have to have seen the shirts that say “I’m just here for the savasana”? Yea, these guys started all of that – and their creative designs only go up from there.  With InnerFire, you know that there are lots of other goodies to brighten both your practice and your day.

InnerFire Scarves are comfortable and versatile.

When searching for awesome new pieces to review, there are a lot of different factors or qualities that we take into account.  Cut and color are major factors- just like in diamonds (although, we would much rather have lots of InnerFire’s yoga leggings than a diamond).  Materials are incredibly important as well.  When you practice your yoga, free range of movement is key.  You cannot have pants that you constantly need to re-adjust or pull up after every fold or bend.  Ideally, you want clothes that fade away – no – we’re not talking about naked yoga.  We mean that your clothing should be so comfortable that it is not distracting – allowing you to become fully absorbed in your practice.  Recently, Asha Brands sent us one of Their awesome and inspired scarves to try, so we put it to the test. Soft and cool to the touch, InnerFire’s combination of bamboo and spandex material makes this scarf one that you will not want to take off.

Great for after yoga or everyday wear, your scarf will become a comfortable, colorful, conversation piece.  The color combinations in all of their scarves and clothing are inspirational and energizing, making any ordinary day potentially extraordinary.  When practicing yoga, I always like to have an extra layer on hand for cooling and restorative postures like savasana.  This scarf is perfect for keeping you comfortable or to keep the light out of your eyes so that you can relax both your body and mind.  As an instructor who still has a very active mind, I always suggest bringing a scarf, extra shirt, etc. for Savasana – and almost all of them have made it a habit.  InnerFire scarves might just be my new recommendation.  Adding a great scarf on the way out of a class also helps to convert you from wearing a yoga outfit to  wearing a comfy and casual when running errands or grabbing coffee with a friend.  This specific scarf is called Avani.  The word avani means “earth” which is the inspiration behind this specific scarf.

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