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We’ve got all of this eco-friendly yoga clothing listed on Black Dog Asana – which is awesome.  But wouldn’t it be great if we could have eco-friendly options for when we can’t get away with wearing yoga clothing?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a company out there that both cared about the environment and created great looking options that fit our style?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a company out there named Earth Creations that was doing all of this?  Wait!  earth Creations is one hell of a company.  Their clothing is made from only the best sustainable fabrics, expertly put together and impeccably designed.

We think that it is so important to find sustainable clothing options. The large stores across the United States do not go to the great lengths to grow or select the best sustainable materials that the earth conscious companies like Earth Creations.  When both options, both sustainable and not, look great why not choose the sustainable option?  The answer is clear.  Earth Creations has you and the Earth as their focus rather than the bottom line.  Because of this they are creating great clothing and going to great lengths to protect the Earth.  I have their crazy awesome Tunic Dress with a large cowl neck.  The dress is so comfortable.  It’s amazing how that happens when you use organic cotton.  It looks great and washes well too!

Earth Creations is working hard to safeguard the planet as well as stock your closets, without breaking the bank.  Who knew that was possible?  No seriously, their clothing costs about the same or less than any of the popular brands you’ll find at the mall or in the boutiques.  We know that you’ll be amazed by all that they’re doing and the large selection their website houses.  Do yourself, your wallet, your wardrobe, and the world a favor and make Earth Creations your next selection when you need a new dress or top.  When someone pays you a compliment or asks where you got it, you’ll have a whole conversation rather than just a brand name.

Pumpkin Tunic Dress from Earth Creations

Love the Rockin’ Tunic Dress

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