Cory Vines

Cory Vines

Black Dog Asana ApprovedConscious Clothing

Before we make our next purchase, let’s think about our practice for a moment.  Why do we practice? Yes, our health (more specifically combating stress or getting into shape) but these often transition or give way to consciousness. Yoga gives us an increased level of consciousness. It gifts us awareness about ourselves, our minds and bodies, our interpersonal relationships and interactions, as well as the world around us.  Now let’s take this aspect of why we practice and apply it to the products we choose to buy.  Think about your last purchase or favorite brand.  Where are they focusing their awareness? Are they conscious of you? Your needs and wants? Are they conscious of your budget? We’ve found a brand that puts its customers at the forefront of all that they do.  We’ve found Cory Vines.

Cory Vines, BlackDogAsana, Black Dog Asana, Review, Clothing ReviewCory Vines produces small collections of simply designed clothing that fits, flatters and moves with your body.  Combine all of this with their small production runs, and you get the best quality of active wear, at the most affordable prices.  Because Cory Vines goes above and beyond to cut out all of the steps that can drive up the price of clothing, they are able to utilize quality fabrics that hold up to the wear and tear that need them to.  They are able to focus on the best shapes and construction methods that fit our different body types and sizes, hugging them as we move.  Their style is classic and allows their clothing to transcend categories and constructs that hem in other clothing.  Whether you’re going out to lunch, dashing to work, running, hiking, backpacking, biking, walking, going to a barre, Pilates or kick boxing class – you’ll look good, feel great and have the funds to pay for the class.

We got our paws on their black leggings and White A-symmetrical t-shirt, tried it on that night and lounged around for a bit.  When it came time to get up and go to work the  next morning, we loved them so much that we pulled them on again!  We’d love to take a meditation class from these guys because they are able focus on one thing and one thing only – you, the yogi.

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