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Talk about comfort.  When we get ready to leave the house in the morning, we need to find clothing that we can teach in, practice in, work in, and be comfortable in – as we are going to be in that clothing all day long and like the list we just rattled of we’re going to be doing a myriad of things in it.  So yes – the right clothing is important to me and it does make all the difference.  we like to look professional, feel attractive – we like to avoid the “we’re wearing Yoga pants because we don’t want to wear real clothes” look even though there is a good bit of truth to that here as well.  While expecting all of that from our yoga clothing, we still ask even more of it.  We are also on a budget – therefore we are going to buy luxury yoga clothing we need that clothing to last.  It was very exciting to receive Beyond Yoga‘s clothing – it fits our bill to a “T”. We absolutely love it.

Like any other day in our life, when we pulled on our Beyond Yoga pants and tank with a built in shelf bra, we were getting ready for long list of to do’s.  Here was Maggie’s schedule that day: class in Bakery Square at LA Fitness, then babysitting – during which she needed to attend to my own practice, and then yet again she was off to teach at the Pine Community Center.  It felt almost like she was setting these clothes up to fail with suck a large challenge.  They did not disappoint in the slightest.  Maggie felt professional and put together in front of her classes – she didn’t feel like if she was going to demo a forward bend that she was going to show anything off to my class that she did not want to.  Through out the day we felt comfortable and able to breath in the clothes and did not have to keep adjusting them like is something not all other brands cannot say.  When Maggie finally got home and collapsed into a chair for dinner Murphy was so excited to see her that he pawed her dinner into my lap – Maggie was almost frantic to get them off and into the wash so he didn’t ruin them.  That was when she realized how much she likes the clothes from Beyond Yoga.

Our love for these clothes only continues to grow as we wear them for yoga, for skiing and relaxing around the house.  They are super comfortable, are holding up well in the wash (and with a puppy as big and as energetic as Murphy, Maggie ends up doing a lot of laundry), are holding their shape, are Black Dog Asana Approved.  So if you are looking for clothing with clean lines, solid colors that holds up well and wears well then we highly suggest Beyond Yoga.  These clothes are also made right here in the US of A.  Celebrities and yoginis all around have found out how awesome this brand is – we have already recommended them to others and even a studio who was searching for a new line to carry.  We are very impressed with their clothing.  You will be as well. Check out all of their awesome styles for yourself and see what we am talking about – here.

Beyond Yoga Clothing


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