Beckons Organic Clothing

Beckons Organic Clothing

Seriously comfortable cotton

Black Dog Asana Approved

When we say “yoga pants” – everyone tends to have the same mental image of some girl in tight black yoga leggings. Why have yoga clothes been thrown into a box of boring and synthetic sameness when there are crazy good alternative options out there?  A lot of the yoga or athletic clothing available in our local chain stores today are synthetic, and while we’re not against a good pair of synthetic pants here and there – we’d much rather spring for a pair of organic cotton leggings or pants.  A lot of manufacturers are mass producing these synthetic leggings and tops with out much thought.  We want flattering all around great looking and amazingly comfortable options for both on and off the mat.  We know, we know.  We’re asking for a lot.  But there is someone out there who can deliver on this tall order and go even further.  Beckons Organic Yoga Clothing has answered our call.

Beckons Yoga Clothing understands that the fabrics, colors and even words (yea you heard us) we put on our bodies have an affect on the way we feel.  So they go above and beyond your typical clothing manufacturer, making sure that they provide us with clothing that not only makes us look good, but feel great.  When these guys put pen to paper to design a new piece for their line – they’re using luxury organic cotton (that you literally have to feel for yourself because although we’re trying, our word-smithing just cannot do it justice) and vibrant color to create an imaginative masterpiece.  We mentioned color before.  The colors that Beckons selects for their clothing, all have meaning. For instance, black is the color of authority, knowledge and intelligence.  Pink, the combination of red and white represents; White is the potential for fullness and Red helps to achieve that potential.  While we think about what to wear, Beckons is thinking about what we are wearing and how that impacts our life!

As if Beckons wasn’t doing enough already, they have created four different lines of clothing because we are all blessed with different body types.  There’s not cookie-cutter size, clone-like size and shape and style mentality here.   The piece de resistance, their tag.  Just two words, Beckons give you an intention for life and practice with every garment that you purchase.  Now that is just awesome.  Beckons helps us to focus our life and our intentions by aiding us to to walk and practice with purpose.  When is the last time you came across a company who put that much thought, energy and purpose into their product?  When?  Beckons Organic Clothing is a gem of a company and we’re so excited to feature them on Black Dog Asana.  Just one purchase and you’ll see what we mean.  You’ll be coming back again and again as the “beckon” us with new additions, and intentions.

Beckons Organic Yoga Clothing

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