About Black Dog Asana

Black Dog AsanaBlack Dog Asana is a comprehensive online yoga resource center  – your one stop for all things yoga.  Whether you are just starting out, or have established a daily practice, there is still much to learn, new products to try and new yogi friends to meet.  We work to bring that all together here, so that all you have to do is practice! Black Dog Asana is owned and run by Pittsburgh based yogi Maggie Franz and her faithful Black Labrador Murphy.  This dynamic duo is fun loving and full of energy and a love of sharing.

Meet Maggie & Murphy

When I first started practicing yoga I had no idea that I was embarking on this amazing journey.  I could never have imagined all of the lessons that I would learn; that I would ever be sharing my journey and these lessons with other people.  For all of this I am humbled and extremely grateful.  Another reason for my gratitude is my little man, Murphy.  This lovable, excitable ball of fur is the inspiration behind much of what I have accomplished, including my yoga website.  It is Murphy, the three year old American Black Labrador Retriever that has taught me some of life’s most important lessons.  He has been such a blessing, for myself and for my family who loves him just as much as I do (even my niece Addy, who is unfortunately tail level and gets wagged in the face a good bit).  At first, when we had forgotten how much energy Labrador puppies have (and as a result how much trouble they can get into) we thought that this would be a rough road.  Murphy however, is much  more than “just a dog” as some people would put it.  He has become an integral part of our family.

My love affair with yoga started before we were blessed with Murphy (AKA before I had worn my parents down and driven five hours across the state of Pennsylvania to pick up the most adorable puppy you had ever seen).  It all happened very quickly.  That first practice demonstrated the power and potential of this ancient art and I saw it as a way to mitigate the stress that I was under due to my job; as a means to an end.  Every practice revealed that there was more to yoga and I was Quickly falling in love.  The studio I attended, which was owned by family friends was accepting registrations for a yoga teacher training in Maya Tulum, Mexico. I dove in.  And soon I was reading their book, Amazing Yoga which shared the same name as their studio.  In their book, Karen and Sean Conley spoke about how we all have different teachers in our lives, and we need to be open in order to see them.  For them their teachers were their beautiful children.  I was single and childless…but the more I thought about it the more I realized that Murphy who was dutifully sitting beside me, had more to teach me than I otherwise would have realized.  And so, with my heart and mind open, together we embarked (no pun intended) on a beautiful journey.

It is true, we all have different teachers in our lives but they are sometimes hard to recognize.  In order to see them you must keep your heart and mind open.  They might be children, friends, experiences or even people we do not get along with.  Open your heart and mind and examine the world around you.  You may just find a teacher of your own.  If you are still unsure about what I have just explained to you, I ask that you continue reading.  I ask this not because these are my words or even because it is my book, but because this is a book for us all.  These lessons no matter where or how one learns them will allow your live to bloom and become so much ore fulfilled.  These are lessons like keeping your heart open, forgiving those who hurt you and embracing every day as an adventure.  It is my hope that these lessons speak to you and encourage you to live a life that is wholesome, grounded and open.  It is my wish for you to love completely and freely and that you see and admire the beauty of every day.

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