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Black Dog Asana is a hardworking online yoga resource center dedicated to bringing yogis everywhere the best products, tips, articles and news.  As yoga’s popularity grows, the number of options in mats, blocks and supports, straps, and clothing increases.  We want to bring you the very best of what the yoga community has to offer.  Here you will find honest reviews on the products that we have tried and loved.  If we do not absolutely love it, we do not list it. It is as simple as that.  There is enough negative energy in the world – we strive not to add to it.  Black Dog Asana founder, Maggie Franz contributes great content to our blog, as well as finds great guest posts in order to share a wide array of beneficial and interesting content with our readers.

We invite you to take a few moments out of your day, to do yourself a favor, and look around the site, read some of our blog posts, check out one of our articles and learn something that might further your practice, or just say hello.  If you have fallen in love with a product that you do not see listed here on the site, let us know why and we will check it out!  Our whole reason for being here is to serve the yoga community, and we would not be doing a very good job if we did not listen to awesome people like you.

At Black Dog Asana, we want to hear from you! We want to hear your yoga story, what you have found particularly difficult or rewarding, your favorite teacher and studio or whether you like our site.  To get in touch with us, you can either use the contact us form or email Maggie at: Maggie (at) BlackDogAsana (dot) com


Recent Product Reviews:

T Langhans Soaps

As a skier, and dog owner who is playing outside in the snow daily, my skin does not fair so well in the Winter.  Normally the first thing I reach for when I get dressed in the morning, get out of the shower, or before I go to bed is a bottle of lotion.  Somehow, the cold and dry air just leeches the moisture out of your skin through this time of the year.  Then you use an everyday soap and it zaps what little moisture you have been able to put back into your skin.  How can you even keep up?  Not playing outside is not an option.  What do you do?  You find something better.  And I’ve done it! I’ve found the answer, the end to dry skin.  Wanna know what it is?  OK, this is too good to keep it to myself.  It’s soap! Not just any soap though – 100% award winning olive oil Castile soap imported from Italy and made in Canada by T Langhans. This is soap like you have never seen, or felt before.

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Yogi Bags

At Black Dog Asana, we’re lovers – we love products from all over the world.  With all of the different and beautiful yoga products, sometimes we find some really cool things from places as far off as India or Tibet.  But we are also big on hometown (and home country) pride.  Without getting into the politics (because we feel that there is no room for that, or the fighting that comes with it, in yoga) there have been a lot of jobs going overseas.  This has been especially true in manufacturing.  So when we find a U.S. company making great products here at home – we just have to shout about it.  Recently we have been on the hunt for some great American made products…this might have something to do with the Olympics…but we did not come up empty handed – or, err, maybe we with this product we did.  Yogi Bagsare versatile, durable yoga mat bags that hold everything you like to take with you to yoga so that your hands are free.  Hands are much better used for things like opening doors, drinking tea and hugging yoga friends rather than juggling mats and towels and such.

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New Article:

The Yoga of Love

February is generally the time of year when we start getting worked up about having/not having a girlfriend or boyfriend, no one to go out to dinner with or buy us roses/chocolates/you name it on Valentine’s Day. Blame it on society, blame it on Hallmark, blame it on Saint Valentine himself (Valentine’s Day is after all, his feast day and the ways in which we celebrate, or maybe some of us despise this day, all started with him). Just don’t blame yourself. Love yourself!

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Replace Your Medicine Cabinet with Super Fruit

Mother nature has gifted us with so many wonderful fruits, herbs and remedies.  Rather than stocking our medicine cabinet with cough syrups and the like, we should be loading up on natural remedies, like lemons.  The holiday season is in full swing which means that we have been rushing, eating, dressing up, getting together and losing out on sleep. The plentiful amounts of decadent food, the stress caused by the hustle and bustle and close proximity with large numbers of people coupled with late nights all have a tendency to catch up with us.  Our bodies become sluggish, our faces oily or pocked with pimples and our bodies run down leaving us susceptible to colds and flues.  When we add all of this up it can become detrimental to our health in a number of ways, but one little fruit can help mitigate a good many of these issues. Lemons jump start your digestion, clear and brighten your skin and hair, and help to boost your immunity.

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