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Black Dog Asana is a hardworking online yoga resource center dedicated to bringing yogis everywhere the best products, tips, articles and news.  As yoga’s popularity grows, the number of options in mats, blocks and supports, straps, and clothing increases.  We want to bring you the very best of what the yoga community has to offer.  Here you will find honest reviews on the products that we have tried and loved.  If we do not absolutely love it, we do not list it. It is as simple as that.  There is enough negative energy in the world – we strive not to add to it.  Black Dog Asana founder, Maggie Franz contributes great content to our blog, as well as finds great guest posts in order to share a wide array of beneficial and interesting content with our readers.

We invite you to take a few moments out of your day and look around the site, read some of our blog posts, check out one of our articles and learn something that might further your practice, or just say hello.  We are constantly growing and evolving, adding more reviews, articles and posts.  If you have fallen in love with a product that you do not see listed here on the site, let us know why and we will check it out!  Our whole reason for being here is to serve the yoga community, and we would not be doing a very good job if we did not listen to awesome people like you.

At Black Dog Asana, we want to hear from you! We want to hear your yoga story, what you have found particularly difficult or rewarding, your favorite teacher and studio or whether you like our site.  To get in touch with us, you can either use the contact us form or email Maggie at: Maggie (at) BlackDogAsana (dot) com


Recent Product Reviews:

CocoMama Foods

Breakfast is one of the hardest meals for us when it comes to eating healthy.  We’ll admit it – we are not morning people.  When you’re half asleep and going through the motions during the half hour that you’ve allotted yourself to get ready for work, cooking a healthy breakfast is not in the cards most of the time.  Its easy to reach for something processed, or something pre made or neatly packaged, that you can heat up and enjoy either quickly at home or at your desk in the morning as you go through your emails. Well this was the case before we were so kindly introduced to the amazing folks at CocoMama Foods, who are puttying the fast and easy together with the healthy and tasty to give all of us a breakfast fit for champions.  These guys are busting their butts to deliver us a healthy breakfast that packs a powerful burst of energy minus the fillers, the dyes, the preservatives, artificial flavors, the gimmicks, the lies and half truths, oh and all of the glutens! We told you that this was no ordinary breakfast cereal!

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When practicing yoga, all we need is our body, mind and spirit.  There are other tools that we can employ, in addition to ourselves, that help to enhance our practice.  Stepping onto your mat is a commitment to yourself, to open up, to go deeper and to explore.  Mats, blocks and straps, help us to physically open up.  Your mind and spirit though, may need other tools.  Music, candles and lighting all help and create a welcoming and relaxing environment in which you can let go, de-stress, open up and explore.  Recently we added incense to our practice.  We were talking to our friends at Asha Brands about organic skin care products when they asked us if we were burning incense in our yoga space either during or outside of our practices.  We had not yet, but we were definitely up for trying it.  Once again, we are very glad that we did.  MyInsens provides yogis with a variety of options to enhance their yoga.

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Nurish Organics

Living naturally is very important to us here at Black Dog Asana.  Equally as important, is the way we treat and care for our bodies.  We only have one, and it can only be a temple if we treat it as such.  Always on the hunt for natural products that will perform every time, we called on our good friend Victoria at Asha Brands, another awesome yoga site.  Victoria pointed us to Nurish Organics, a Toronto based company working hard to create products with purpose.  Nurish Organics offers a line of targeted natural and organic moisturizers.  They are breaking us free from the cycle of moisturize, cover up, dry back out and then moisturize all over again.  These moisturizers solve the problems rather than masking it so that you have to buy again and again and again.  A company that wants to do right by you, the consumer – refreshing is is it not?  We think that the yoga community will welcome Nurish Organics with arms wide open.

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Current Projects

The Many Types of Yoga – Article

As practitioners of yoga in the west many of us recognize the physical posturing of the Asanas as yoga.  Did you know that the yoga we know is only one part of a broad and beautiful system discovered long, long ago.  Our ignorance is not our fault – you don’t walk down the street and see a tantric yoga studio on four different corners like you do with Hatha or the physical yoga that we recognize.  Hatha yoga is like the early bird that eagerly made its way across land and ocean to find us as new friends in the West.  Now that Hatha yoga has established itself and become accepted in its new land, its brothers and sisters, Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, Mantra, Yantra, Kundalini, Tantric and Raja yoga are following in its footsteps.  This article will introduce each of these new forms of yoga and give a cursory overview of each type.

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The Every Body – Collaborative eBook

We are pulling together experts in the industry to collaborate on an important topic – breaking stereotypes and the pressure created by the media, beauty and fashion industries to achieve “perfection”.  Too many young girls are growing up being harsh on themselves or hating themselves because it is impossible for them to attain this perverted idea of beauty.  Who can blame them?  Their peers who meet these standards pick on those who can’t, these girls constantly receive reinforcements of their negative thoughts and perceptions and it becomes harmful.  Founder Black Dog Asana, Maggie Franz, grew up with a negative self perception and very critical or harsh self talk.  It took yoga, reading books on these topics and hard work to break the cycle.  Not all young girls are fortunate to stumble upon these resources.  That is why we want to get this message in front of these girls, letting them know that a whole community loves them, cares about them and accepts them just the way they are.

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