One Tribe Apparel Review

Affordable and versatile these pants are available in five different styles, and in an array of colors and patterns. Everyone can find the perfect pant for them from One Tribe Apparel. To top it all off, they’re hand sewn. We got our paws on a few pairs and haven’t stopped wearing them since. Lightweight breathable fabric dyed in vibrant shades, overlaid with beautiful patterns, these pants allow you to jump, run and play, or lounge in complete comfort while feeling awesome. Practice yoga in them, take a yogic nap in them, do whatever you feel like in them - because in pants this awesome, you can.

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Cory Vines Review

Cory Vines produces small collections of simply designed clothing that fits, flatters and moves with your body. Combine all of this with their small production runs, and you get the best quality of active wear, at the most affordable prices. Because Cory Vines goes above and beyond to cut out all of the steps that can drive up the price of clothing, they are able to utilize quality fabrics that hold up to the wear and tear that need them to. They are able to focus on the best shapes and construction methods that fit our different body types and sizes, hugging them as we move. Their style is classic and allows their clothing to transcend categories and constructs that hem in other clothing. Whether you're going out to lunch, dashing to work, running, hiking, backpacking, biking, walking, going to a barre, Pilates or kick boxing class - you'll look good, feel great and have the funds to pay for the class.

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Mike Yoga Wear Review

Fun, Funky and Functional - this is what we look for in new yoga clothing here at Black Dog Asana...well that...and a whole laundry list of other criteria. You won’t catch us in just any yoga threads. It is tough to measure up to our standards, but there are amazing yoga companies making products that that do. We’re not being snobby, we’re just making sure that yogis are getting the most out of every ethically made product that they buy! We are very excited to tell you about an exciting company that is constantly coming up with new styles that make you look as good as you feel both on and off the yoga mat. These clothes are so awesome that we keep finding reasons to ignore the whole #nostretchypants challenge and wear these guys all of the time. Why you ask? Because we can! Mika Yoga Wear is fun and functional yoga clothing that easily holds up, no matter what we might put it through.

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Black Dog Asana

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Black Dog Asana is a hardworking online yoga resource center dedicated to bringing yogis everywhere the best products, tips, articles and news.  As yoga’s popularity grows, the number of options in mats, blocks and supports, straps, and clothing increases.  We want to bring you the very best of what the yoga community has to offer.  Here you will find honest reviews on the products that we have tried and loved.  If we do not absolutely love it, we do not list it. It is as simple as that.  There is enough negative energy in the world – we strive not to add to it.  Black Dog Asana founder, Maggie Franz contributes great content to our blog, as well as finds great guest posts in order to share a wide array of beneficial and interesting content with our readers.

We invite you to take a few moments out of your day and look around the site, read some of our blog posts, check out one of our articles and learn something that might further your practice, or just say hello.  We are constantly growing and evolving, adding more reviews, articles and posts.  If you have fallen in love with a product that you do not see listed here on the site, let us know why and we will check it out!  Our whole reason for being here is to serve the yoga community, and we would not be doing a very good job if we did not listen to awesome people like you.

Recent Posts:

We’re All Turned Inside Out

It’s time that we adjusted our perspective.

Yesterday I was writing a blog post for my other website GypsyWonders and I started thinking about our perspective. We were prepping for backpacking and I saw a post discussing the different ways to “look cute” in the woods.  That got me thinking – well, isn’t that backwards?  Before you go to one of the most beautiful places that you’ve ever been, you’re thinking about what you’re going to look like? We’ve got a problem that the eight limbs of Ashtanga has a cure for – a miss-allocation of our perspective.  Let me elaborate a bit…

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So Blessed.

But I had to take a step back to find out just how great life can be.

After making the difficult decision to go on a break from blogging and focus on myself for a bit (I couldn’t help feeling selfish, but knew that I was risking my health and happiness, loosing focus on just how blessed I am, by spreading myself too thin), incredible things happened. I was able to find a new, much more positive day job working with great people. I found love. No really, I found a man who loves me, who puts me first, who shares the same passions and is positive and caring. Ladies, they are out there – this is a different post for a different day though.

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